The Greek word STRATEGOS is the root word for STRATEGIC.  It literally means the Art of Generals.  In marketing warfare, lives are not at stake but dreams, careers and livelihoods may be.  PCG offers a mix of strategic marketing services designed to help our Client be sure they have the RIGHT VISION, the RIGHT STRATEGY and the RIGHT ACTION plan.  It starts by objectively evaluating the market and competitive landscape.  This evaluation minimizes the risk of devoting precious resources to the pursuit of unrealistic goals and establishes the fact base for decision-making.  PCG’s Seven P’s of Marketing (people, positioning, product, price, promotion, place, prayer) provide the framework for these services.


Few companies have the range of skilled resources to successfully identify, investigate, evaluate and develop significant new business opportunities.  This service may involve evaluating one or more opportunities you have identified.  Conversely, identifying the opportunities may well be our first project objective.  Opportunities take many forms.  They may be new service or new product related or involve the development of a new business entity.  Once identified, the opportunity must be verified and quantified to determine its likelihood for success and financial reward.  A realistic appraisal of your company’s unique set of competencies, resources and objectives must also be factored into the decision to either launch, pull back, or take another path.


"The future belongs to those who see the opportunity before it becomes obvious."John Scully, former APPLE CEO, is credited with this insightful business observation.  It has worked well for APPLE in that they are currently the most financially successful company in the United States.  Our VISION CREATION service is all about helping you “see your opportunities before they become obvious”.  It is likely to involve evolutionizing or revolutionizing your company, your products and/or your marketing program.  The stakes are high which means a clear understanding of the targeted market and a willingness to question conventional industry wisdom are imperatives in order to devise the most effective market entry strategy.


PCG’s FLAGSHIP services have always been related to product development and evaluation.  It is the most deceptively complex and consistently underestimated marketing task our Clients encounter.  Sustainable success requires that a stepwise but not overly complicated process be in place.  Expert project management, objective research, unwavering attention to detail, coordination of resources and a carefully orchestrated launch program must follow to provide the new product line with the best chance for success.


PCG has an extensive background in conducting new product evaluations with targeted customer groups.  The targeted groups may be coffee loving consumers, coffee shop snobs, espresso aficionados, coffee shop owners, large roasters or small batch roasters.  The evaluation can be conducted using our PEACHTREE ONLINE™ research services or live using our “hands on” PEACHTREELIVE™ service.  There are never guarantees of new product success but a well-executed evaluation will reduce uncertainty and risk and increase the likelihood of making a confident, well informed decision.  It can also mean the difference between a BIG WINNER and a TAX WRITE-OFF. … Learn more.

Steps to arrange for a Peachtree Strategic Project:

  • Request our booklet of Strategic Marketing Services … [email protected].
  • Clarify questions or request a proposal by contacting our office.  We offer a FREE initial consultation.
  • Our PROPOSAL will be structured in stages and fee payment terms arranged accordingly.
  • YOU make the GO/NO GO decision, contact our office and we prepare the AGREEMENT for your approval.