PEACHTREE COFFEE GROUP has been established with affinity investors in mind.  Very simply these are persons with a passion for great coffee and espresso beverages who have the desire to enjoy an adventure in the specialty coffee industry and the wherewithal to make a modest investment in our company.  The specialty coffee industry is attractive, exciting, fun and economically healthy.  It has been steadily growing since 1990; more impressively, it has maintained steady state growth during the Great Recession.  The BIG THREE coffee shop chains STARBUCKS, CARIBOU and PEET’s had setbacks in 2008 but have made sustained same store sales growth comebacks since.  Their primary focus is on coffee and espresso based beverages prepared by the drink with secondary emphasis on selling coffee by the bag through their stores as well as supermarket, specialty market and membership club outlets.

PEACHTREE COFFEE GROUP has initially conceptualized two operating divisions that we feel offer significant coffee based opportunities.  Our FIVE STAR COFFEE™ Division is the first to be capitalized and commercialized.  It builds upon the cornerstone of coffee consumer education that has been largely provided by the specialty coffee chains.  We have been practitioners of the art and science of consumer marketing for twenty-five years; by our nature, we seek opportunities that are not obvious.  Instead of creating another coffee shop chain, our FIVE STAR Division identified personal sales channels (fundraisers, business gifts, civic, social and sports clubs, etc.) that will serve as conduits to the 55% of the U.S. adult population who comprise the “homebrew” market.  Very simply, these are individuals who brew coffee at home on a daily basis.  Many of these “home brewers” actively seek beans that provide coffee taste and flavor nuances that are a step or two beyond those available at their local supermarket, donut or coffee shop.  In effect, they have migrated to a higher level in the coffee drinker hierarchy.  The most important criterion for our taste panel’s selection of a FIVE STAR COFFEE™ is that it must provide WORLD CLASS TASTE.  Once discriminating home brewers try our coffees, they will seek them out along with many of our other FIVE STAR rated gourmet products.  To make it easy and convenient, we direct them to enter their reorders on our website or, if they choose, call customer service directly to speak to a live person.


PEACHTREE COFFEE GROUP offers coffee loving investors a three-phase value proposition.  The FIRST is to earn an exponential financial return; the SECOND is to earn an exponential psychic return; the THIRD is to enjoy an adventure in specialty coffee while doing it.  Investors consider the start-up phase in any company to be high risk so high returns are expected.  Financial returns are hugely important but we want our investors to think beyond monetary rewards per se and consider the psychic rewards as well.  Our goal is to create an investing community made up of individuals with a passion for coffee based drinks and who can enjoy learning about what it takes to bring the world’s best coffees to market.  The effort and skill that goes into growing, processing, transporting, roasting and brewing artisan grade coffee is truly amazing.  Our investors will be exposed to opportunities to experience the culture of coffee growing countries, life on coffee plantations, artisan roaster tours, industry trade events, coffee tastings and many other PERKS.  We do not seek investors who are content to be passengers, we seek crewmembers who want to have fun, learn and be relevant, active participants in our coffee loving community.


ORIGINAL INVESTORS will be given the opportunity to participate in our second round of fund raising which will be used to create and commercialize our COLLEGE JOE COFFEE™ Division.  It is a more capital intensive, large-scale concept with a noble purpose.  More importantly it fulfills an unmet need that we, again, are the first to recognize.  This will be a high profile launch with enormous upside sales potential.  At present, the conceptual components of the marketing strategy are classified as TOP SECRET and will not be revealed until the time is right.  Our entire focus is now on FIVE STAR COFFEE™ which is very important to the COLLEGE JOE COFFEE™ formation in that both divisions will offer products from our artisan supplier network.


REGARDLESS of how brilliant any business plan may be, investing in a start-up company is a high risk, high reward proposition.  Peachtree Coffee Group has the potential to be a homerun, maybe even a “ten bagger”. Important:  However, there is the potential for a strike out. This must be understood by each investor.  Our plan is to develop an investor community to spread risk.  We will keep the minimum investment to a very modest level and also keep the maximum investment to a modest level.  In fact, we want no one to lose sleep or have a financial worry about their investment in our company.  We want no investment funds from life savings, college funds, medical funds or 401Ks. The best-case scenario is that our original investors will enjoy active membership in the specialty coffee community, take advantage of a unique learning adventure and reap an exponential financial return on investment.  If this scenario appeals to you and you have funds set aside for high-risk investments, that is ideal.  If you have fun money or an entertainment fund to invest with us that is also perfect.  For more information contact Mr. Greg Alford, Chief Coffee Officer, for a prospectus, simple outline of our investment parameters and a list of PERKS.